A dream came true : to put together a band who plays music of Tower of Power, the famous soul band whose performances - which requires contagious energy and a high level of musicianship - has been moving people around the world for more than 40 years.

Soul Vaccination is a 9 piece band featuring some of the best musicians in Quebec, a group of close friends who has known each other for more than 10 years while collaborating on different projects around Canada and Europe.

But the real challenge of Soul Vaccination is in the music. From the power of the horn section (2 trumpets and 2 saxes) to the harmonies of the 8 voices or the incredible groove generated by the rhythm section, every element is put together to get the audience inoculated by Soul Vaccination!


How does a SOUL VACCINATION show look like?

From the first downbeat, the first thing that will "knock yourself out" is that this 9 piece band has one of the biggest sounds you've ever heard. In fact, each musician brings a unique talent which makes Soul Vaccination a band and not just a group of musicians.

Each member of the horn section is an exciting soloist with the ability to ignite the crowd. And as a section, you will be amazed how powerful their sound is…it's a real knockout!

The rhythm section is made with some of the most solid musicians known in Quebec, and each of them - as the horn section - sings to create the vocal harmonies that the band is renown for. The rhythm section is the foundation of the band: solid as a rock!

And finally the singer; she has a warm and energetic presence that will keep your attention fixed onstage during the whole show. Close your eyes and you will be amazed by the powerful voice and all the soul coming out of this little person! The ability to connect with the audience is surpassed only by her singing talent!


Get yourself ready for a Soul Vaccination!